Environmental Risk Assessment

ENSAC’s team of experts has established a strong reputation for creating innovative and problem-solving solutions to manage our client’s environmental risks. With extensive knowledge and experience in risk assessment, ENSAC fully understands the client’s environmental liability and develops a remedial strategy to achieve the desired outcome.

ENSAC specializes in multidisciplinary services to reduce potential hazards to our client’s business, reputation, and workforce safety. Our consultants have extensive experience and knowledge in environmental risk assessments and environmental risk consulting. We have handled industrial projects such as waste disposal plants, petrol stations and more.

Three Stages of Risk Assessment

Find out what could go wrong.

Identify any potential hazards to client’s business, reputation, workforce, and the environment.

Find out if the risk is within limits or not.

Risk assessment aims to identify risk factors and gather actionable data to prevent or reduce the risk of projects or activities. Our primary services associated with environmental risk assessment consulting are risk analysis, risk assessment, cartography, and counseling & follow-ups.

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