ENSAC® is an environment, health & safety (EHS) consulting firm focused on delivering sustainable solutions that help protect people and the environment. We are the ones who help you keep your organization safe, compliant, and sustainable.

ENSAC is striving to become a leading EHS consulting firm in Pakistan through offering services spanning environmental consulting, environmental risk assessment, sustainable strategy, environmental remediation, EHS auditing and compliance, industrial waste management, and EHS training.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to fully understand our client’s business and create innovative EHS solutions to meet their needs.

At ENSAC, our topic specialists are likewise gifted guides who completely put resources into understanding your business drivers and extraordinary culture. This mix of ability and customer speculation reliably yields the most ideal outcomes and most elevated levels of customer fulfillment.

Consistently we help organizations address ecological, wellbeing, security, and manageability challenges with fit-for-reason arrangements and exclusive advancements. We likewise offer proactive measures and ground breaking techniques to assist customers with moderating or wipe out future EHS&S hazard.

Why Choose Us

Together we can make a difference

We work hard to make sure ENSAC stands out from the crowd – by making sure your project is successfully completed and by providing high quality customer service. Here are our top 6 reasons why your business should choose us for your environmental, safety surveying, or mapping, consulting needs: READ MORE

ENSAC provides reliable, sustainable, cost-effective environmental, health and safety solutions to targeted clients. We contribute to each client’s success by acting responsibly, delivering quality, and providing solutions based on technical expertise that add value by aligning with the overall goals of our clients.
ENSAC will be the preferred provider of environmental, health and safety solutions to targeted clients by providing comprehensive, value-added EHS services that align with the goals of our clients. READ MORE

Our logo has been designed to reflect the concept behind our philosophy which is to address potential impacts of human activities on all environment aspects of earth (Land, water, and atmosphere) we are living. READ MORE

CEO’s Message

Welcome to ENSAC Environment (Private) Limited, a gateway to a Complete Environmental Consultancy, HSE Audit and Training services provider.

We provide solutions covering the entire project cycle, such as consulting, design, engineering, construction, operation and maintenance for customers in the Oil & Gas sector, Mining, Industrial, Infrastructure and Energy.

We aim to be a company that is recognised by clients, creating value that nobody else can match in ways befitting our distinctive identity.

I am proud of our ENSAC team, and I’m equally proud of how we do business. At ENSAC we are deeply committed to social and environmental responsibility, and to ensuring that each day, we live up to the values on which the company is founded.

We thank our prestigious clients who are responsible for our success and we ensure to grow with them for many more years to come.
We look forward to working with you!

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